Because we all feel better when we can drop the façade for a bit.

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Have you ever got something by doing nothing?

How people are already “cyborgs” feeding AI.

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Imagine a world where computers use language to create or re-shape reality.

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A true war story from a man who lives one day at a time

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How to accept, thank, and love your stigma.

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Explained with plain English.

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What Are Word Embeddings?

How to make a buy decision based on 5-stars customer ratings.

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The skill to smell sounds, hear colors, or see smells can be all yours.

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The visionary is a rising pop culture, controversial but inevitable: alien rocks ending money, humans becoming cyborgs, AI renovating work.


Alien Rocks Ending Money As We Know It

and we overtrade most of it for money by lack of mindfulness.

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How My Friend Traded Her Time For Symbols

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