Because we all feel better when we can drop the façade for a bit.

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Have you ever got something by doing nothing?

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How people are already “cyborgs” feeding AI.

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A practical guide to piecewise interpolation. Hands-on Python code for Litecoin price prediction

person reviewing data on two computer monitors
person reviewing data on two computer monitors
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Slow is the new fast. Less is the new more.

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The billionaire is creating the society of tomorrow.


Human Becoming Real Cyborgs

Because the best cook is already inside you.

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We Need A Meal

How social network based on voice is written in our genes.

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Your earliest memory from childhood probably never happened, unless there is a story about it.

Keep your secret safe. No computer needed.

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Upgrade your understanding of artificial intelligence.

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Get to know the atom in Deep Learning: the artificial neuron.

Why no one can read it all.

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An important matter can take just a few words to say.

Michel Kana, Ph.D

Fellow Top Medium Writer. Fellow of Harvard University. Certified Learner. I help curious minds become AI practitioner.

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