Because we all feel better when we can drop the façade for a bit.

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Have you ever got something by doing nothing?

How people are already “cyborgs” feeding AI.

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and we overtrade most of it for money by lack of mindfulness.

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How My Friend Traded Her Time For Symbols

Unlocking the cargo with mindfulness practice.

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The Thing We Carry More Than Our Phones

A tutorial in truecasing for NLP with hands-on code.

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A tutorial in deep learning interpretability with Python

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Deep Learning Interpretability

A Convolutional Neural Network

A practical guide for entrepreneurs and brands.

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An implementation guide with hands-on Python code

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A practical guide to ensemble learning with hands-on Python code

Purple and pink plasma
Purple and pink plasma
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Because leading yourself is the fun part.

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What’s the color of your leadership style?

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