Because we all feel better when we can drop the façade for a bit.

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Most of us believe that the harder we work the more we receive. What do we receive? More money, security, social status. What about happiness?

In my life, I spent a lot of time achieving more by doing even more. One university…

How people are already “cyborgs” feeding AI.

AI as Augmentative Intelligence utilizing machine learning, algorithms, and rich data to augment the capabilities of humans and businesses could be soon an illusion.

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The accelerating rate of technological change makes it likely that people will have both the technological resources and scientific knowledge to create Artificial General Intelligence.


Web Scraping

A step-by-step tutorial with hands-on Python code for dummies.

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Did you have a sibling who spent days listening to the same song over and over? I refrain from asking you if you liked the song. What if you could find some insights about that song and gently persuade her to try your favorite song instead? …

… open my doors to self-compassion.

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A 70-year-old woman told me how she dreamed about traveling the world. She imagined learning about thousands of cultures, food, and people when she was an adolescent. She has been staying home for 70 years instead. …

It consumes everything it sees, but not everything is useful.

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One day, my close colleague really upset me. When browsing posts on social media, I found a thank-you note from a client, after my colleague presented our product without inviting me. I was sad and angry. But it turns out I was completely wrong. A few days later, I was…

Augmented cognitive perception is the skill to see that these are just passing experiences.

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When was the last time you could truly let go and relax? When your mind wasn't galloping through your ToDo list or ruminating on some events from a challenging encounter. We live in a world that never lets us take a break. …

Stuck in living the life of others? Write your own story.

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Can we safely reset to a younger age? Recent research at Harvard Medical School found that mouse embryos have some mechanism that resets their biological age back to zero. This suggested human embryos might reset their clocks as well.

The findings, published in the journal Science Advances, could aid the…

Ensemble methods for dummies. A step-by-step tutorial with hands-on Python code.

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Boosting is a meta-algorithm from the ensemble learning paradigm where multiple models (often termed “weak learners”) are trained to solve the same problem and combined to get better results. This article introduces everything you need in order to take off with Boosting.

A wake-up call for parents and leaders.

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Are you susceptible to a negative self-chatter that refrains you from showing up? Do you care too much or want too much? Are you often focusing on failures, inadequacy, and worthlessness? Do you fight the temptation to dream bigger? Do you flee from the option of greatness?

If you answer…

Imagine a world where computers use language to create or re-shape reality.

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1. King James Version of the Bible.

When looking at the belief in divine creation, something shared by billions of people, we can think of languages to be the ultimate super-power for…

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